Copy Paste Commissions Review

I was a little skeptical about this ten dollar product and what an e-book can teach me over and above all the other ebooks I have about affiliate marketing?

You would be wouldn’t you.

If you have been in internet marketing for a while you have probably been bombarded with ebooks, videos series, webinars and whatever else professing to be “the only” product you will need to make you a professional affiliate marketer.

Ummm… yeah right.

But, as skeptical as I was I dived in. Yes, I have the product and all the upsells.

Normally, I will skip and skim through an ebook. I’m not really one to read an ebook word for word – but I did.
I’ll be honest, this is singularly the best product I have seen about affiliate marketing.

Now, let me be clear, this is not a product that teaches you how to look for products that will convert welland make you huge amounts of money.

This is more about the business behind being an affiliate marketer.

Once I read the ebook I immediately started putting what they outlined to work. So what will you learn…
You will learn…


  • How to put a bonus together that will make you stand out and make people through your lnk and not someone elses.
  • What type of bonuses to put together to make people click on your link.
  • Why contests can be so powerful to use to spread the word about your bonus.
  • If you have a list – when you should be sending your emails out and what time you should send them out. Yes… what time.
  • Why a small list can be more responsive than a massive list.
  • Why mailing multiple times to your list will get you more sales.
  • How to construct your emails and why long and skinney will convert better than the normal wide format. (Don’t use HTML templates either and why).
  • Why you should know about your promotions months in advance to prepare your bonuses. Yes… prepare your bonuses.
  • Don’t just promote… Why it’s important to get in touch with the vendor about your promotion.
  • How you should and shouldn’t promote your bonus – this really opened my eyes.


OK, so what do you get…
Main offer is an ebook which is 80 pages of practical and more importantly actionable, information.

I implemented one of the strategies straight away and got in touch with Michael Cheney to ask him about the type of bonus that will be most congruent with the product.

He came back to me and told me which would be the best to use based on the options I put in my email. Bingo…
You also get a video of the ebook – what? A video of the ebook?

It’s a presentation between Omar Martin and Michael Cheney which is an informal chat between them with slides going over the contents of the book.

You also get accompanying MP3’s.

You can also download the videos and MP3’s too so you can listen and watch them on the move without being tied to an internet connection.

You also get two more video’s which are…

The Stealth Money Method

Winning affiliate contests has never been easier. You can easily rake in masses of fast commissions and stomp all over your affiliate competitors with this stealth method. It’s a real doozy. Enjoy!
Viral Bonus Method

Imagine creating a bonus page SO ENGAGING with a hook SO APPEALING that all of your prospects fight each other to spread the word FOR YOU and make you sales! This is what we call a VIRAL BONUS!

You get all of this for under $10.

OK, so what else do you get?

There are upsells. The first is worth getting.
There are three videos.
One is an interview with E. Brian Rose, who is one of the founders of JVZoo.
The other is with Omar and his wife
The other is just Omar talking to the camera.

This is mostly about the business side of affiliate marketing. It’s not just about slapping up a review, sending emails to your list, putting a bunch of bonuses together and hoping for the best.

This is about the tactics of affiliate marketing:

-winning affiliate contests,
-the types of bonuses you need to consider,
-how you really need to plan your affiliate campaign,
-what to look for when deciding on a product to promote
-Stats which tell you a product is a good product to promote
-What methods you can use to promote your affiliate products
-How to get you banners inform of as many people as possible
-What not to do when promoting an affiliate product

There is so many more nuggets of information given away by Omar which he really should keep to himself as he has created more competition for himself by giving away these tactics.

The second upsell is done-for-you campaigns.

These are five complete affiliate campaigns which contain everything you need to promote the five products stated.

You get instructions on what you need to do to set up your campaign, tutorial videos, how to advertise your promotion on Facebook properly without getting your link removed by FB.

You get ready made bonus templates you can use. This will save you an immense amount of time trying to put a bonus page together yourself.

With every done-for-you promotion you also get this…

Copy Paste Commissions Review

It is really everything you need to promote the product and you even get special discount codes you can use to entice prospects to your promotion.

In summary, this is not your usual affiliate marketing product.

This goes deeper into the business side of promotion and it is what you really need to know to produce a great, not just good, a great affiliate promotion.

Oh… I do have some bonuses for you. I am implementing what I have learned and as you can see I am taking action.


I hope you will too!

It’s worth it even for the $10 from end offer.

I wish you all the best on your promotions


Some Frequently Asked Questions

You might be joining the party late or for some unknown reason still be on the fence about the astronomical $9.95 investment?

Either way;

Here’s a bunch of the frequently asked questions to let you make your own decision to buy this…

Q. I see so many offers like this every day – is this one really different?


Michael and Omar have never teamed up before and with over 23 years combined experience, they know what works.

They will tell you their strategies and tactics that help them get big commission from their affiliate promotions.

I can tell you this for sure; You will make your money back several times over in the first few days of grabbing this (assuming you do actually copy and paste this stuff into your business of course).

Don’t get me wrong, it will take effort on your part.

This is not a magic bullet.

Q. I don’t have a list or a big name online can I still make money with this?


This is the cool thing about this strategy;
It works and has been proven to work no matter who you are or what you know.

It uses proven psychological triggers, some lesser known marketing methods and little-known commission tactics I have never seen revealed before.

Q. Will I make money quickly with this?


Again – assuming you do actually take action and use the strategies taught by Omar and Michael.

I know for a fact:- There is one simple method you’ll discover almost right away which can get you free traffic, clicks and potential sales in no time at all.

Q. Do you hand-on-heart recommend I should buy this?

Yes I do…!

Of course I make a commission when you do but this isn’t why I’m recommending this to you.

I have the product myself, I have read all the PDFs, listened to the MP3s and watched the videos. There is nothing out there in the IM space like this being sold – nothing! These guys are two of the most successful affiliate marketers on the planet. They dominate leaderboards.

The strategy they’re giving you has raked in $4,770,167.62 for them.

Even if you only make a tiny percentage of this you’ll multiply your investment here many, many times over.

Q. Is the price really going up at midnight on Sunday?


At Midnight EST TODAY (Sunday 29th November) the low launch special will be over and the price is going up by nearly 200% so grab this now before it’s too late;