Copy Paste Commissions Review

I was a little skeptical about this ten dollar product and what an e-book can teach me over and above all the other ebooks I have about affiliate marketing?

You would be wouldn’t you.

If you have been in internet marketing for a while you have probably been bombarded with ebooks, videos series, webinars and whatever else professing to be “the only” product you will need to make you a professional affiliate marketer.

Ummm… yeah right.

But, as skeptical as I was I dived in. Yes, I have the product and all the upsells.

Normally, I will skip and skim through an ebook. I’m not really one to read an ebook word for word – but I did.
I’ll be honest, this is singularly the best product I have seen about affiliate marketing.

Now, let me be clear, this is not a product that teaches you how to look for products that will convert welland make you huge amounts of money.

This is more about the business behind being an affiliate marketer.

Once I read the ebook I immediately started putting what they outlined to work. So what will you learn…
You will learn…


  • How to put a bonus together that will make you stand out and make people through your lnk and not someone elses.
  • What type of bonuses to put together to make people click on your link.
  • Why contests can be so powerful to use to spread the word about your bonus.
  • If you have a list – when you should be sending your emails out and what time you should send them out. Yes… what time.
  • Why a small list can be more responsive than a massive list.
  • Why mailing multiple times to your list will get you more sales.
  • How to construct your emails and why long and skinney will convert better than the normal wide format. (Don’t use HTML templates either and why).
  • Why you should know about your promotions months in advance to prepare your bonuses. Yes… prepare your bonuses.
  • Don’t just promote… Why it’s important to get in touch with the vendor about your promotion.
  • How you should and shouldn’t promote your bonus – this really opened my eyes.


OK, so what do you get…
Main offer is an ebook which is 80 pages of practical and more importantly actionable, information.

I implemented one of the strategies straight away and got in touch with Michael Cheney to ask him about the type of bonus that will be most congruent with the product.

He came back to me and told me which would be the best to use based on the options I put in my email. Bingo…
You also get a video of the ebook – what? A video of the ebook?

It’s a presentation between Omar Martin and Michael Cheney which is an informal chat between them with slides going over the contents of the book.

You also get accompanying MP3’s.

You can also download the videos and MP3’s too so you can listen and watch them on the move without being tied to an internet connection.

You also get two more video’s which are…

The Stealth Money Method

Winning affiliate contests has never been easier. You can easily rake in masses of fast commissions and stomp all over your affiliate competitors with this stealth method. It’s a real doozy. Enjoy!
Viral Bonus Method

Imagine creating a bonus page SO ENGAGING with a hook SO APPEALING that all of your prospects fight each other to spread the word FOR YOU and make you sales! This is what we call a VIRAL BONUS!

You get all of this for under $10.

OK, so what else do you get?

There are upsells. The first is worth getting.
There are three videos.
One is an interview with E. Brian Rose, who is one of the founders of JVZoo.
The other is with Omar and his wife
The other is just Omar talking to the camera.

This is mostly about the business side of affiliate marketing. It’s not just about slapping up a review, sending emails to your list, putting a bunch of bonuses together and hoping for the best.

This is about the tactics of affiliate marketing:

-winning affiliate contests,
-the types of bonuses you need to consider,
-how you really need to plan your affiliate campaign,
-what to look for when deciding on a product to promote
-Stats which tell you a product is a good product to promote
-What methods you can use to promote your affiliate products
-How to get you banners inform of as many people as possible
-What not to do when promoting an affiliate product

There is so many more nuggets of information given away by Omar which he really should keep to himself as he has created more competition for himself by giving away these tactics.

The second upsell is done-for-you campaigns.

These are five complete affiliate campaigns which contain everything you need to promote the five products stated.

You get instructions on what you need to do to set up your campaign, tutorial videos, how to advertise your promotion on Facebook properly without getting your link removed by FB.

You get ready made bonus templates you can use. This will save you an immense amount of time trying to put a bonus page together yourself.

With every done-for-you promotion you also get this…

Copy Paste Commissions Review

It is really everything you need to promote the product and you even get special discount codes you can use to entice prospects to your promotion.

In summary, this is not your usual affiliate marketing product.

This goes deeper into the business side of promotion and it is what you really need to know to produce a great, not just good, a great affiliate promotion.

Oh… I do have some bonuses for you. I am implementing what I have learned and as you can see I am taking action.


I hope you will too!

It’s worth it even for the $10 from end offer.

I wish you all the best on your promotions


Some Frequently Asked Questions

You might be joining the party late or for some unknown reason still be on the fence about the astronomical $9.95 investment?

Either way;

Here’s a bunch of the frequently asked questions to let you make your own decision to buy this…

Q. I see so many offers like this every day – is this one really different?


Michael and Omar have never teamed up before and with over 23 years combined experience, they know what works.

They will tell you their strategies and tactics that help them get big commission from their affiliate promotions.

I can tell you this for sure; You will make your money back several times over in the first few days of grabbing this (assuming you do actually copy and paste this stuff into your business of course).

Don’t get me wrong, it will take effort on your part.

This is not a magic bullet.

Q. I don’t have a list or a big name online can I still make money with this?


This is the cool thing about this strategy;
It works and has been proven to work no matter who you are or what you know.

It uses proven psychological triggers, some lesser known marketing methods and little-known commission tactics I have never seen revealed before.

Q. Will I make money quickly with this?


Again – assuming you do actually take action and use the strategies taught by Omar and Michael.

I know for a fact:- There is one simple method you’ll discover almost right away which can get you free traffic, clicks and potential sales in no time at all.

Q. Do you hand-on-heart recommend I should buy this?

Yes I do…!

Of course I make a commission when you do but this isn’t why I’m recommending this to you.

I have the product myself, I have read all the PDFs, listened to the MP3s and watched the videos. There is nothing out there in the IM space like this being sold – nothing! These guys are two of the most successful affiliate marketers on the planet. They dominate leaderboards.

The strategy they’re giving you has raked in $4,770,167.62 for them.

Even if you only make a tiny percentage of this you’ll multiply your investment here many, many times over.

Q. Is the price really going up at midnight on Sunday?


At Midnight EST TODAY (Sunday 29th November) the low launch special will be over and the price is going up by nearly 200% so grab this now before it’s too late;

Commission Gorilla – Is It Worth It?

Commission Gorilla – Is it worth it?

Is this another tool aimed at marketers to actually help them with their marketing efforts, or just one of many tools out there?

You may be surprised to know it’s better than I thought.

Disclaimer: I have two – one at the bottom of the page (please take a look) and this one:

I have the product and one of it’s upsells. So this is an honest review.

You can also click through on the banner below to take a look at the working bonus page created with Commission Gorilla.

The bonus page is hosted by CG.



(Note: If you want full screen, play the video and then just click the small square at the bottom right hand corner of the video).

Many affiliates know that offering a bonus alongside any promotion can potentially generate bigger commissions by getting more sales.

That’s pretty simple and straightforward and it works.

You may have seen this yourself when you have looked at products being offered via affiliates. The bigger their bonus, the more you may be interested in buying through their link.

Some of the more savvy marketers take it one step further and offer additional bonuses if you buy the upsells. Very clever!

This may be the case but sometimes it can be a chore creating a bonus page.

If you want to do it right, this takes time, skills or money. Not everyone has the resources to create the sort of professional bonus pages that boost conversions.

You have a choice, you can outsource the page creation or do it yourself. Outsourcing takes your money and the their  time. Doing it yourself take your time and money.

Does Commission Gorilla fill that gap between less skills, time and money needed to creating bonus pages?

In a nutshell – Yes.

Commission Gorilla, is a clever app that literally makes it “drag and drop” easy to create professional lokking bonus offer pages, delivery pages and – other pages for your site to be frank.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the features:


It has a WYSIWYG editor.

You don’t need to know a thing about coding or design. You do actually need to know a little bit about design to get your page looking as good as it can.

All you have to do is point and click your mouse to create your bonus pages.

You can drag in images, insert videos and even create custom, call to action buttons. It is quite easy to create pages using Commission Gorilla.

It has a Bonus library.

If you are an active affiliate you tend to reuse bonuses that you have put together for previous campaigns. That can be a bit of a pain to keep creating these bonuses, especially if you have to create different bonuses for the different types of products you may promote.

You’d need different bonuses for;

  • Video products
  • List Building products
  • Affiliate products
  • SEO products
  • etc,etc,etc…

I must admit this app does make this easy.

The app lets you store and build bonus “blocks” inside bonus library. You can just drag and drop these bonuses into your bonus pages.

It has free hosting as it is SaaS.

This is a big advantage if you don’t have a website? Commission Gorilla will host your bonus offer pages for you at no additional charge.

The downside, if the server goes down you may not be able to gain access to the pages you have built. But, in my experience, downtime duration is usually quite short for these types of apps as they tend to have a good support team behind them.

If you do have your own website you can upload your pages directly to your site. You even get a plugin to make uploading pages to a WordPress easier as you don’t have to fiddle about with html.

Automated bonus delivery.

When you create your bonus page, Commission Gorilla creates your delivery page at the same time.

Clone feature.

Once you create a bonus page, you can easily clone your pages and change it to quickly enable you to use it for another offer you promote.

You can just swap the bonus offers to suit the product you are promoting.

Dashboard stats.

You have the ability to track your pages performance and whether they are converting well or not.

You can share your page with the built in social share buttons.

If you opt for Commission Gorilla Pro, you get even more features to make the most of your traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Commission Gorilla is definitely designed with marketers in mind.

No matter what your skill level or background, you can easily create bonus pages and it really is drag and drop.

You can also use it to create bonuses, coupons or other special offers for your online or offline business. It is flexible enough to create contest pages, lead pages and more.

Sales Page Bypass – sneaky but clever.

One feature I really like is the sneaky sales page bypass (it is quite an expensive upsell though).

What does this do? It allows you to promote the affiliate offer and rather than going through to the vendors sales page, it allows you to directly link to the cart.

Why is this a good thing? If the sales page is lousy but the product is a good product, it may not convert for you.

However, if your promotion is a really good promotion with a good looking page – like the ones built by CG – your prospect can hit the buy button and go straight to the checkout.

Is the upsell worth it? – that’s up to you to decide.

If you are intending to do lots of affiliate promotions it may be a good investment for you.

There is another upsell for 25 bonuses for immediate use in your campaigns and another 2 delivered to you every month for a year.

In summary…

You don’t need any design skills.

You don’t need a big budget to hire a designer.

You don’t need to know any code.

And if you choose the Pro option, you get access to some additional bonuses for your personal use.

There is also the upsell for the pack of ready made bonuses and don’t forget the sneaky bypass!

So what is my personal opinion?

I have the product and I have used it and it is really simple to use – easier than I thought.

What I really like is that you have a done for you bonus page in there already if you want to promote Commission Gorilla yourself.

Navigation is easy and, to be honest, it’s fairly straightforward and you don’t really need to watch the tutorials to get going.

It really is a fast and easy way to get bonus pages up and running.

I would recommend the 25 done for you bonuses as this will make your life a lot easier if you want to put a bonus page together quickly.


My ethical disclaimer:

I am an affiliate for CG, and as stated above I do have the product so this review is based on fact and my personal opinion.

If you are interested in buying Commission Gorilla, I’d appreciate it if you bought through my link. This helps me pay for hosting which helps me to honestly review products for you – win-win.

I have also used the “review” article especially created for affiliates. Why? Because it does reflect the product quite well and is congruent with my opinion of it.

I have, however, removed all the “hype” from the text and given you my honest appraisal. I have also added a lot of my own thoughts to this review based on the product and my personal opinion of it..


I have used the clone feature and it’s very good – I’m quite impressed with it actually.

I was in two minds whether to buy the product to be honest but I relented and I’m glad I did..

You can click on the link and take a look.

Commission Gorilla

If the product is suitable for you at your stage in your internet marketing career, buy it, if not, don’t.

That being said – the choice is yours.

I wish you all the best.

Dan Sumners – Bloggers Roadmap Review

A Complete Blogging Tutorial?

A Complete Blogging Tutorial? Dan Sumners new book is quite a comprehensive guide to blogging – but is it comprehensive enough?

My review is long but worth reading through so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to invest in Dan’s book.

Bloggers Roadmap is not a new product. This is the second iteration of the book and it’s been updated to reflect the current state of the internet.

Dan, an internet marketer who has been online for a while now, since 2005, has put together a guide on how to start blogging and what you need to do to have a very successful blog online and keep it successful. How does he know this information? Because he studied successful bloggers.

When I heard Dan was launching his book again I through it may just be a rehash of his old book…

Dan has put a lot of effort into updating his book and it shows.

Just from the contents you can see Dan has packed quite a bit into the book. Contents and page numbers below…


A Brief Introduction 5

What is a Blog? 6

Why start your own blog 8

Choosing your niche 10

Hosting and Domains 14

Designs and Themes 16

Life is Easy With 10 Base Plugins 20

Getting Started With Content 23

Traffic and Building Your Audience 31

Free vs Paid Traffic 34

More Content 36

More on Key Words 38

The Press Release 40

Social Networking Mastery 41

Twitter’s Tips 44

LinkedIn’s Linking 46

Google+ Greatness 48

Pinterest Power 49

Killer Traffic Tips and Resources 50

Video and Audio Content 52

Creating Unique Content 56

Email Marketing and Joint Venture Campaigns 57

Guest Posting 59

Viral Marketing With eBooks and Reports 61

Tools For The Job 63

List Building Extraordinaire 65

Monetizing Your Blog 67

Concrete Blogging Tips 75

Taking Action 78

Final Words 79

Make no mistake, this book is NOT an absolutely definitive guide to starting a blog or blogging.

It is a very good guide to get you started if you are new to blogging.

As you can see from the contents – Dan’s guide is quite comprehensive but in all honesty you would need several books / video courses to get the detail behind the content contained in the book.

Did anything disappoint me?

Not really, but…
For example, if you are absolutely new to internet marketing and blogging, you may not know what an opt-in form looks like, or the WordPress dashboard.

There are a lack of pictures in the ebook and certain other elements that an absolute newbie may not know and a picture would help in these instances.

However, if you bought a book about blogging from a bookstore, the likelihood is that the book will not have pictures either. So it’s no biggie and a mute point.

Is it comprehensive enough?

Yes and no…

Yes from the point of view it covers most, if not all, elements you need to consider when you start blogging and what you need to consider and do to keep on blogging. It does not cover everything in minute detail. But, if you wanted minute detail it would cost a whole lot more and, as stated above you’d need more books and courses to cover it.

This is, however, an excellent blogging guide – it’s not a comprehensive training manual. It’s not designed to cover everything in detail.

You’d also pay a lot more for a comprehensive guide to blogging and it still would not cover everything you needed to know.

Are there any upsells?

Yes. If you are new to blogging and do not know how to set up a blog, add pages and posts, etc, Dan has a comprehensive set of videos to show you how to do this.
There are 9 modules. Although that does not sound like many, each module contains several videos that cover the contents of the books.

The video module contents are outlined below…

Welcome to the Bloggers Roadmap training modules!

Please select the training module you require below. All Downloads are available within the modules.

Module 1 – Bloggers Roadmap The Beginning

  • An introduction to blogging
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Installing WordPress automatically using cPanel

Module 2 – Bloggers Roadmap Getting Ready

  • Your new blog and what it brings
  • Dashboard business
  • Linking structure
  • Starting your posts the right way
  • Getting comments off on the right foot

Module 3 – Bloggers Raodmap Getting The Look and Customizing

  • Choosing and installing our theme
  • Adding Banners and favicons
  • Changing menus and footer links
  • The ePanel
  • Setting up pages, menus, links and more…
  • Introduction to opt-in

Module 4 – Bloggers Roadmap Building Your Subscriber Army

  • Opt-in first steps
  • Simple report setup
  • Advanced opt-in
  • Working with the sidebar
  • The popup
  • Social sharing

Module 5 – Bloggers Roadmap It’s Plugin Time

  • Making contact
  • Security
  • The super cache
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Your own Facebook page

Module 6 – Bloggers Roadmap Posting Content and Engagement

  • Engagement
  • Posting
  • Post Structures
  • Images
  • Shares

Module 7 – Traffic Tactics Bonus (there are several modules in each)

  • Theory Training
  • Practical Training

Module 8 – Bloggers Roadmap Working With Ads

  • Ads intro
  • Affiliate links and banners
  • Google ads
  • Your own products

Module 9 – Bloggers Roadmap Interviews

In this module we have some interviews with industry experts for you to listen to.


As you can see there is a lot covered in the 9 modules and the video course compliments the book really well.

The videos are not just another “How to install WordPress and start blogging” set of tutorials. Dan has really put some effort into making the video training fit the contents of the book.

As you may be able to tell – and proof above – I have bought the videos too. The info for the modules has been taken directly from the members area.

If you are new to blogging I really would suggest getting these. They are good value.

You can always try to find tutorials on YouTube, but I have found them to vary in quality and you spend so much time looking for what you want. Some are quite old too and are not up to date.

Dan’s are up to date.

I did not have any WordPress tutorials when I started to use WordPress and spent hours looking for an online tutorial or something on YouTube.

If I had a set of videos available to me it would had saved me a lot of time and frustration looking for the right video to show me how to install a plugin or add a widget, set up a menu, what plugins to use and how to set them up.

The video modules take you through everything you need to know to get you started.

The only criticism I have of the videos is that you cannot expand them to full screen.

The content is really good and well worth the money. I just like to have my videos a little bigger.

That’s just me and because I use an ultra-portable notebook with an 11.6” screen.

If you have larger screen I don’t think the video size would be an issue or if you watch them on a screen where you can pinch and zoom.

I watched them on a screen where I can zoom and you do not lose any playback quality.

So what else is there to consider?

Although the course covers setting up your blog with all the plugins you need, it does not cover some of the other plugins you may need to set up your blog.

Prettylinks is a free plugin which masks your affiliate id so your link looks “pretty”. (There is also a “Pro” version which has more features but you do have to pay for it).

Instead of having a link like this (this is the Bloggers Roadmap “naked” affiliate link), it would be like this…

(this is not a working link, just an example) and is much better looking and looks less spammy.

The other plugin I’d recommend is a silo plugin. What’s a silo plugin I hear you ask?

It enables you to set up your site correctly for SEO purposes. If you want your site found by the search engines it helps to have your site set up correctly.

Of course this is not the only thing you need to do but it does help.

You can get silo plugins and *semantic themes from Network Empire:

  • Simple Silo plugin (Free) and good for standard blogs.
  • Deep Silo plugin – good for blogs and authority sites
  • Video Silo plugin – good if you want to automate video delivery to your blog.

A semantic theme uses markup to help let the search engines know what your site is about. Click the link below to learn more about Network Empire’s plugins and themes.

Network Empire Silo Plugin and Themes


Are there any bonuses?

Yes, you can get hold of 10 PLR reports which you can edit into various articles so you can have immediate content for your blog.

This is a huge time saver for you as you will not need to write your own articles to add as content for your blog.

It is also a big money saver for you as well as you will not need to pay to have articles written for you which can get expensive if you want lots of content for your blog.

For the price of an article or two, you can get the Bloggers Roadmap and content for your blog!

You can see what you get here: Bloggers Roadmap Bonus Page

I would suggest you add your own unique content to the PLR so you don’t get penalised for having duplicate content on your blog.

Or you can spin these articles using services like Spin Rewriter.

Click the banner below to check out the sales page – you have nothing to lose by just taking a peek at what Bloggers Roadmap has to offer you…